White Yorkie: The Enchanting Charm of Snowy Companions

white yorkie

Introduction to White Yorkieswhite yorkie

Did you ever wonder why some Yorkies are white? Despite the traditional blue and tan colors associated with Yorkshire Terriers, a white Yorkie is not an impossibility. This unique and somewhat rare color variation has charmed many dog lovers worldwide with its striking appeal.

The Appeal of White Yorkies

Why the fuss about white Yorkies? Simple! Their rare color makes them stand out. But it’s not just about the color. Their small size, combined with an affectionate personality, makes them perfect companions, especially for those living in apartments.

History and Origin of White Yorkies

The Yorkshire Terrier breed, fondly known as Yorkies, originated in England during the 19th century. They were initially bred as ratters in mines before gradually becoming popular as companions.

The Birth of White Yorkies

White Yorkies are not a different breed but a color variation resulting from recessive genes. This fascinating genetic twist gives us the adorable white Yorkshire Terrier we adore today.

Characteristics of White Yorkies

What’s the size of a teacup? Well, that’s almost the size of a full-grown White Yorkie. Typically, they weigh around 4-7 pounds and stand at about 7-8 inches tall.

Coat and Color

As their name implies, White Yorkies sport a gorgeous white coat. This silky coat may require frequent grooming to maintain its stunning appearance.

Personality Traits

White Yorkies, like all Yorkies, are known for their lively and affectionate nature. Despite their small size, they have big personalities and are known for their bravery.

Caring for a White Yorkie

A balanced diet is essential for a White Yorkie’s health. Small breed dog food is generally a good option as it meets their nutritional needs.

Exercise and Training

White Yorkies are active little dogs that need regular exercise. Training should be consistent and positive. They are intelligent and can learn quickly when trained with love and patience.

Grooming and Health Care

White Yorkies require frequent grooming due to their long, silky coat. Regular vet check-ups are also essential to keep them in tip-top shape.

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Common Health Issues in White Yorkies

White Yorkies may face health issues like dental problems, hypoglycemia, and progressive retinal atrophy. Regular health screenings can help detect and manage these conditions early.

Adopting a White Yorkie: Things to Consider

Adopting a White Yorkie can be an investment. Initial costs, ongoing food, grooming, and healthcare expenses need to be considered.

Adoption Process

It’s essential to understand the adoption process. You could adopt from a rescue organization, a shelter, or purchase from a reputable breeder.

white yorkie

Finding a Reputable Breeder

If you’re purchasing a White Yorkie, make sure the breeder is reputable. They should prioritize the dogs’ health and temperament over color or size.


White Yorkies are undoubtedly captivating creatures. Their unique color, combined with their loving nature, makes them a wonderful addition to any family. As with adopting any pet, it’s important to understand the responsibilities that come with it to ensure a happy and healthy life for the furry friend.

Are White Yorkies rare?

Yes, White Yorkies are rare due to the recessive gene that causes the white coloration.

Do White Yorkies have any special care requirements?

While their care needs are similar to regular Yorkies, their white coat might require extra grooming to keep it clean and shiny.

Are White Yorkies more expensive?

White Yorkies can be more expensive due to their rarity.

Are White Yorkies good with kids?

Yes, White Yorkies are generally good with kids, but due to their small size, interactions should always be supervised.

Can White Yorkies be left alone?

Like other Yorkies, White Yorkies can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. They thrive in company and should not be left alone for too long.