Throwback Pomeranian: Unveiling the Charm of this Adorable Breed

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Introduction to Throwback Pomeraniansthrowback pomeranian

Ever heard of a “Throwback Pomeranian” and wondered what on earth it might be? Well, you’re in for a treat. While the term may seem straight out of a retro-themed movie, it’s a genuine classification in the Pomeranian world. And it’s as fascinating as it sounds.

Historical Overview

Pomeranians hail from the Pomerania region, which now lies between modern-day Poland and Germany. Originally, these fluffy companions were much larger and worked as sled dogs and herding animals. Quite a difference from the little lapdogs we’re familiar with today, right?

Role in Royal Courts

The breed’s miniaturization is often credited to Queen Victoria of England. During her reign, she adopted a small Pomeranian, significantly boosting its popularity and causing a trend towards breeding even tinier versions.

Understanding the ‘Throwback’ Term

The term ‘throwback’ in this context refers to Pomeranians that have grown significantly larger than the breed standard. While most Pomeranians today weigh around 3 to 7 pounds, a throwback can weigh 12-18 pounds. It’s like getting a surprise jumbo package!

Genetic Factors

Throwbacks aren’t the result of poor breeding. Instead, they represent a genetic callback to the breed’s larger ancestors. It’s Mother Nature’s way of reminding us of their impressive past!

Physical and Temperamental Traits

Throwbacks boast the same luscious double coat, pert ears, and fox-like face of their tinier counterparts. The only difference? More to love!


These dogs have personalities as big as their bodies. Expect a loyal, energetic, and playful companion. They’re also known for their intelligence and bravery, making them great watchdogs.

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Care and Maintenance

Due to their larger size, throwback Pomeranians may have slightly different dietary requirements. It’s essential to consult with a vet to ensure they get the right nutrients in the right amounts.

Exercise and Training

Active and spirited, throwbacks benefit from regular exercise. While they’re just as trainable as standard Poms, remember that their larger size might mean a bit more energy to burn off!

Adopting a Throwback Pomeranian

While speciality breeders may have throwback Poms, consider checking shelters and rescues. Many lovely throwbacks are looking for their forever home!

throwback pomeranian

Tips for First-Time Owners

If you’re considering adopting a throwback, remember: they come with more fluff and might require more frequent grooming. Additionally, their larger size means they could be prone to certain health issues, so regular check-ups are a must.


Throwback Pomeranians, with their rich history and unique size, offer a delightful twist on a beloved breed. Whether you’re a seasoned Pom lover or a curious newbie, these endearing canines promise love, joy, and a lot of fluffy cuddles.

What exactly is a throwback Pomeranian?

It’s a Pomeranian that has grown larger than the current breed standard, hearkening back to its ancestors.

Do throwback Poms have different care requirements?

Generally, they have similar needs, but their larger size might mean modified diets and more exercise.

Are throwback Pomeranians more expensive?

Not necessarily. Prices vary depending on breeders, location, and lineage.

How can I identify a throwback Pom?

Apart from size, they have the same characteristics as standard Poms. Genetic testing or a vet’s opinion can provide clarity.

Are they suitable for apartments?

Yes, with proper exercise and stimulation, they adapt well to apartment living.