Squirrel Dogs for Sale: Find the Perfect Hunting Companion

squirrel dogs for sale


squirrel dogs

There’s an old saying that goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, this couldn’t be more accurate in the world of hunting dogs. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of squirrel dogs.

Introduction to Squirrel Dogs

Squirrel dogs, while they might not be as popular as your Labrador Retrievers or German Shepherds, hold a unique niche in the canine world. Predominantly used for hunting, these dogs are trained to track and tree squirrels, making them a hot commodity for hunting enthusiasts.

The Importance of a Squirrel Dog

Why would anyone need a squirrel dog, you may ask? Hunting squirrels with a dog adds excitement and challenge to the hunting experience. It also helps in conservation as it is a sustainable way to manage the squirrel population.

Top Breeds of Squirrel Dogs

When looking for squirrel dogs for sale, knowing the top breeds renowned for their hunting abilities is essential.

Mountain Cur

The Mountain Cur is one breed that stands out. Noted for their agility and strength, they are incredible hunters and are versatile in tracking and treeing squirrels.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Next is the Treeing Walker Coonhound, a breed known for its speed, endurance, and keen sense of smell. This breed is well-loved for its hunting prowess, often considered one of the best squirrel dog breeds.

American Leopard Hound

Lastly, the American Leopard Hound is an excellent choice for an efficient squirrel dog. These dogs are known for their determination and resilience in the field.

What to Look for When Buying a Squirrel Dog

Before you find an advertisement for a squirrel dog for sale and rush off to buy one, consider a few things.

Health and Physical Abilities

Like buying any other pet, the dog’s health should be your priority. Additionally, the dog’s physical abilities, agility, and hunting instinct should align with what you seek in a hunting companion.

Temperament and Personality

The dog’s temperament and personality should match your lifestyle. For instance, squirrel dogs are generally active and need plenty of exercise.

Training Your Squirrel Dog

While squirrel dogs are innately talented hunters, they require proper training to hone their skills.

Importance of Early Training

Training early helps the dog become well-adjusted, obedient, and more effective as a squirrel.

Training Tips and Techniques

Positive reinforcement techniques often work well. Regularly practicing in a controlled environment will make the training process smoother.

Care and Maintenance of Your Squirrel Dog

Like any other pet, squirrel dogs require regular care and maintenance.

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Proper Nutrition

Feeding your dog a balanced diet is crucial for their health and performance.

Regular Vet Check-ups

Frequent vet visits are necessary to ensure your squirrel dog is healthy and ready for the next hunting adventure.

The Joy of Owning a Squirrel Dog

Once you’ve navigated the buying, training, and care of your squirrel dog, you’ll begin to experience the absolute joy of owning one.

squirrel dogs

Emotional Benefits

Having a loyal companion by your side offers excellent emotional satisfaction.

Physical Activity and Outdoor Fun

Owning a squirrel dog also means a lot of outdoor fun and physical activity, keeping you fit and engaged with nature.


In conclusion, squirrel dogs for sale are more than just a purchase; they’re an investment in a rich, outdoor-oriented lifestyle. They can bring immense joy and a sense of companionship like no other.

What is the best breed of squirrel dog?

 There isn’t one “best” breed. The Mountain Cur, Treeing Walker Coonhound, and American Leopard Hound are all excellent choices.

At what age can you start training a squirrel dog? 

Training can start as early as eight weeks, with basic obedience training. Hunting training can begin at around six months.

How much does a squirrel dog typically cost? 

The price varies based on the breed and pedigree. Expect to pay anywhere from $300 to over $1000.

What is the lifespan of a squirrel dog?

Depending on the breed, a squirrel dog can live between 10-15 years on average.

Are squirrel dogs good pets?

Absolutely! Besides their hunting abilities, squirrel dogs make great companions due to their loyalty and playful nature.


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