Plummer Terrier: A Versatile and Energetic Breed for Dog Enthusiasts

plummer terrier

An Introduction of the Plummer Terrierplummer terrier

The Plummer Terrier is a unique breed, named after its founder, Dr. David Brian Plummer, a British enthusiast in canine genetics. The breed was developed in the late 20th century with a robust combination of breeds, including Beagle, Jack Russell Terrier, and Fell Terrier, to create a perfect working dog with tenacity and a keen sense of smell.

Breed Characteristics

Standing at around 12-14 inches at the shoulder, the Plummer Terrier is a small but athletic breed. They have a strong, well-muscled body, demonstrating their hardy working background.

Coat and Appearance

The Plummer Terrier sports a short, sleek, and dense coat that’s mostly white with distinct patches of red. They have a keen, intelligent expression in their eyes that hints at their alertness and active nature.

Understanding the Plummer Terrier’s Personality

Known for their energetic and intelligent demeanor, Plummer Terriers are full of character. They’re bold, confident, and have an insatiable desire for adventure.

Compatibility with Families and Other Pets

As social creatures, Plummer Terriers usually get along well with humans. However, due to their hunting instincts, they might not be the best choice for homes with small pets.

The Plummer Terrier and Children

With proper socialization, these terriers can make a great companion for older children who can match their energetic nature. They’re less suitable for homes with very young kids due to their lively and sometimes boisterous behavior.

Health and Wellness for Plummer Terriers

Despite being generally robust, Plummer Terriers are prone to a few health issues like hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. Regular vet check-ups are essential for maintaining their health.

Diet and Nutrition

A diet rich in proteins and fats is necessary for this breed to support their high energy levels. It’s recommended to feed them high-quality commercial dog food that is formulated for small breeds with high energy.

Exercise Needs

Plummer Terriers require plenty of exercise to keep their minds stimulated and bodies fit. Daily walks, games of fetch, and ample playtime in the yard are perfect activities for these little dynamos.

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Training and Behavior Management for Plummer Terriers

Training a Plummer Terrier requires patience, as their independent nature can sometimes make them stubborn. However, with consistent, positive reinforcement techniques, they can be quite trainable.

Behavior Problems and Management Strategies

Due to their hunting instincts, Plummer Terriers may exhibit behaviors like digging and chasing. These can be managed with regular mental and physical stimulation and appropriate training.

Caring for a Plummer Terrier

Despite their short coats, Plummer Terriers are seasonal shedders. Regular brushing will help keep their coats healthy and reduce shedding.

plummer terrier


A home with a secure yard is ideal for Plummer Terriers as they love to explore and need space to expend their energy.


Choosing a Plummer Terrier as your pet means embracing an energetic, intelligent, and sometimes mischievous companion. If you can provide the attention, exercise, and stimulation this breed needs, you’ll have a loyal and devoted companion for life.

Are Plummer Terriers good family dogs?

Yes, Plummer Terriers can make good family dogs for families with older children. They are active and social, but their lively nature might be overwhelming for very young kids.

Do Plummer Terriers shed a lot?

Plummer Terriers are seasonal shedders. Regular brushing can help manage their shedding and keep their coat healthy.

How much exercise does a Plummer Terrier need?

Plummer Terriers are energetic dogs that require plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Daily walks and regular playtimes are necessary.

Are Plummer Terriers easy to train?

Plummer Terriers are intelligent, but their independent nature can make them somewhat stubborn. Consistent, positive reinforcement training methods work best.

What is the lifespan of a Plummer Terrier?

A healthy Plummer Terrier can live between 12 to 15 years with appropriate care and regular vet check-ups.