Long Haired Greyhound: A Majestic and Graceful Breed

long haired greyhound

Introduction:Long Haired Greyhoundlong haired greyhound

What comes to mind when you hear ‘Long Haired Greyhound’? Is it an image of a sleek, furry canine with an enthusiastic tail, built for speed yet radiating elegance? Well, you wouldn’t be far from the truth.

The Greyhound’s History and Origins

Greyhounds, one of the oldest canine breeds, have a rich history tracing over 4,000 years to ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece. But what about our long-haired friends? They’re not as common as their short-haired counterparts, making them an exquisite rarity in the greyhound world.

A Look at the Greyhound’s Unique Coats

Regular Greyhounds sport a short, fine coat, whereas the long-haired variety has a thick, flowing mane that further accentuates their graceful demeanor—ever wondered how they ended up with such glorious locks? It’s all down to a genetic mutation that results in longer hair growth.

The Temperament of the Long-Haired Greyhound

So, what’s it like to share your home with one of these majestic creatures?

The Greyhound’s Personality Traits

Greyhounds, contrary to popular belief, are often couch potatoes at heart. They are known for their calm, laid-back demeanor, and the long-haired variety is no exception. Just imagine this gentle giant lounging about, their lush coat draped over your couch. It’s a sight to behold, right?

Greyhound’s Behavior with Children and Other Pets

With the proper socialization, Greyhounds can be great companions for children and other pets. They’re gentle, affectionate, and generally tolerant, but remember, every dog is an individual and needs to be treated as such.

The Long-Haired Greyhound’s Health and Care

Now, let’s delve into these fantastic dogs’ wellness and care requirements.

Dietary Needs of a Greyhound

A balanced diet is crucial for a Greyhound’s overall health. High-quality, protein-rich food will ensure they maintain their muscular build. But do you know how to manage their portions? Greyhounds are prone to bloating, so smaller, frequent meals are the way to go.

Exercise and Training Needs

Despite their racing history, Greyhounds don’t require excessive exercise. A few walks or short play sessions each day should suffice. And when it comes to training, their intelligence, and eagerness to please make them quite trainable.

Grooming Tips for the Long-Haired Coat

Their magnificent coat requires regular grooming to keep it looking its best. Weekly brushings and occasional baths will keep your long-haired Greyhound looking picture-perfect.

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Adopting a Long-Haired Greyhound

Were you interested in bringing a long-haired Greyhound into your life? Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing a Reputable Breeder

Always choose a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and temperament of their dogs over appearance. It’s worth waiting for a healthy, well-adjusted puppy.

Consider Adoption: Greyhounds in Shelters

Rescuing a Greyhound from a shelter is an equally rewarding experience. Many Greyhounds end up in shelters after their racing careers, and they are just as deserving of a loving home.

long haired greyhound


Long-haired Greyhounds, with their flowing coats and graceful demeanor, are indeed a rare and splendid sight. Their laid-back temperament, coupled with their unique aesthetics, make them a remarkable pet choice. So, whether you’re considering adopting or buying, remember, you’re not just getting a pet, but a life companion.

Is the Long-Haired Greyhound a separate breed? 

No, the long hair is due to a genetic mutation in some Greyhounds.

How often should a Long-Haired Greyhound be groomed? 

Weekly brushings and occasional baths should suffice.

Are Long-Haired Greyhounds good with kids? 

Yes, with proper socialization, they can be great companions for children.

Do Long-Haired Greyhounds need a lot of exercise? 

Despite their racing history, a few walks or short play sessions each day should suffice.

Where can I get a Long-Haired Greyhound? 

They can be adopted from shelters or bought from reputable breeders.