Decker Rat Terrier: History, Characteristics, Training, and Care

decker rat terrier

Introduction to Decker Rat Terrierdecker rat terrier

Have you ever wondered about the versatile and agile Decker Rat Terrier? Well, you’re in luck! Today, we will dive deep into this wonderful breed that’s bound to make you fall in love with it.

The Origin and History of the Decker Rat Terrier

The Decker Rat Terrier came into existence thanks to Milton Decker, who wanted a more robust, more significant, and practical hunting dog. How did he do it? He began selectively breeding larger Rat Terriers in the early 1970s.

Popularity over the Years

The Decker Rat Terrier grew in popularity over the years, particularly among hunters and those looking for a lively, intelligent companion. Isn’t it fascinating how a breed evolves?

Characteristics of the Decker Rat Terrier

Decker Rat Terriers are more prominent than your typical Rat Terrier. They are muscular, stand about 16 to 19 inches tall, and weigh up to 40 pounds. The ears? They’re distinctively erect, and their eyes sparkle with intelligence and curiosity.

Temperamental Traits

This breed is known for its alertness, high energy, and intelligence. Decker Rat Terriers are also loyal and protective, making them excellent family pets. Think of them as the guardian angels of the canine world!

Understanding the Decker Rat Terrier Lifestyle

Decker Rat Terriers are active and need daily exercise to keep their spirits and bodies healthy. How about a good jog or an engaging game of fetch?

Diet and Nutrition

They need a diet rich in protein to maintain their muscular physique. So, keep those high-quality dog foods handy!

Health Considerations for the Decker Rat Terrier

While generally healthy, they are prone to hip dysplasia and allergies. Regular vet visits and preventative care are crucial.

Life Expectancy

The Decker Rat Terrier has a lifespan of around 15-18 years. That’s a lot of time for tail-wagging adventures!

Training a Decker Rat Terrier

Due to their intelligence, these dogs respond well to training. But remember, positive reinforcement works wonders!

Dealing with Behavioral Issues

Like any breed, they may exhibit behavioral issues if not properly trained or socialized. Patience, consistency, and love are key here.

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Is a Decker Rat Terrier Right for You?

Decker Rat Terriers can adapt to apartments and houses as long as they exercise enough. Did you hear the sigh of relief from apartment dwellers?

Compatibility with Families and Other Pets

They get along well with families, mainly if they socialize early. Other pets? Well, they’re hunting dogs so that they may chase smaller animals.

decker rat terrier


With its charm and dynamic nature, the Decker Rat Terrier makes for a fantastic pet. Whether you’re an active individual or a family looking for a loyal companion, this breed might be the perfect fit!


What is the average weight of a Decker Rat Terrier?

They typically weigh between 25 and 40 pounds.

Do Decker Rat Terriers shed a lot?

No, they are low shedders.

Are Decker Rat Terriers good with kids?

Yes, they’re great with kids if they socialize early.

How often should I exercise my Decker Rat Terrier?

They should get at least one hour of exercise each day.

What’s the main difference between a Rat Terrier and a Decker Rat Terrier?

The main difference lies in size; Decker Rat Terriers are more significant than typical Rat Terriers.


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