Dachshund Terrier Mix: A Playful and Lovable Crossbreed

dachshund terrier mix

Introductiondachshund terrier mix

Have you ever encountered a Dachshund Terrier mix and wondered what this breed is all about? Well, you’re in luck! This article delves into everything you need about this adorable and unique crossbreed. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Understanding the Dachshund Terrier Mix

The Dachshund Terrier mix, also known as a Dorkie or Doxie, is a hybrid that comes from crossing a purebred Dachshund with a purebred Terrier. The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize this breed, but it’s trendy among dog lovers for its playful and loyal nature.

Unique Characteristics

A Dachshund Terrier mix is truly a blend of the best qualities of both parent breeds. It usually inherits the Dachshund’s elongated body and the Terrier’s lively spirit. But remember, each mix can vary significantly due to the broad spectrum of Terrier breeds!

Health and Lifespan

Generally, the Dachshund Terrier mix enjoys a lifespan of 12-15 years. However, as with any breed, they may face certain health conditions specific to their parent breeds.

Insights into the Dachshund Breed

Dachshunds, or Doxies, are renowned for their unique sausage-shaped bodies, featuring short legs and long bodies. This design was originally for burrowing into badger dens during hunts.


Despite their size, Dachshunds are known for their courageous nature and remarkable perseverance. They’re also incredibly affectionate and make for great companions.

Health Concerns

While generally healthy, Dachshunds can be prone to conditions like intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) due to their long spines.

Insights into the Terrier Breed

Terriers are a diverse group, ranging from small to medium-sized breeds. However, all Terriers share a common ancestry as hunting dogs.


Terriers are known for their high energy levels, intelligence, and independence. They’re very playful and require an active lifestyle.

Health Concerns

Terrier health concerns can vary significantly based on the breed, but some can be prone to skin issues and hip dysplasia.

Physical Attributes of the Dachshund Terrier Mix

Dachshund Terrier mixes tend to be small to medium-sized dogs, typically weighing 15-25 pounds and around 8-12 inches tall.

Coat and Colors

Their coats range from short and smooth like a Dachshund’s to wiry or long like a Terrier’s. Coat colors can vary, encompassing a rainbow of possibilities.

Personality and Temperament of the Dachshund Terrier Mix

These pups love to play! They’re sure to keep you entertained with their enthusiastic nature.

Interaction with Humans

Dachshund Terrier mixes are known to form strong bonds with their human families. They’re affectionate, loyal, and love to be in the company of their favorite people.

Interaction with Other Pets

While they can coexist well with other pets, early socialization is crucial to ensure they get along with other animals in the home.

Health Considerations for the Dachshund Terrier Mix

This breed can be susceptible to the health issues of their parent breeds, including IVDD, hip dysplasia, and potential skin problems.


With a healthy diet, regular exercise, and regular vet check-ups, these dogs typically live between 12 to 15 years.

The Care and Keeping of a Dachshund Terrier Mix

These dogs thrive on high-quality food rich in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

Exercise Needs

Due to their energetic nature, Dachshund Terrier mixes require regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

Grooming Needs

Grooming needs depend on the type of coat your pup inherits. Regular brushing is generally recommended to keep their coats healthy and shiny.

Training Your Dachshund Terrier Mix

These dogs are intelligent but can sometimes be stubborn. A positive reinforcement training approach works best.

Common Behavior Issues

They might exhibit traits like stubbornness or excessive barking without proper training and socialization.

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Advanced Training Techniques

Beyond basic obedience training, these dogs excel in agility and other dog sports thanks to their high energy levels and intelligence.

Is the Dachshund Terrier Mix the Right Dog for You?

Active individuals or families providing enough mental and physical stimulation would be ideal for these dogs.

Families with Children

These dogs typically do well with children, given proper socialization. However, their small size makes supervision necessary to prevent accidental injuries.

Compatibility with Other Pets

As mentioned before, with early socialization, these dogs can get along well with other pets in the household.

Where to Get a Dachshund Terrier Mix

Adoption is a great way to give a home to a needy dog. Alternatively, buying from a reputable breeder ensures you know the dog’s lineage and health history.

dachshund terrier mix

Reputable Breeders

A reputable breeder will be transparent about the health history of the parent breeds and provide proper care and socialization for the puppies.

Recognizing Puppy Mills

Puppy mills prioritize profit over welfare. Be wary of breeders selling cheaply, offering multiple breeds, or refusing to share health or living condition details.


The Dachshund Terrier mix is a lively, loyal, and loving companion. With its unique appearance and playful spirit, this crossbreed can bring so much joy. Owning a pet is a long-term commitment, so ensure you’re prepared to provide the care and love these special dogs deserve.

What is a Dachshund Terrier Mix?

A cross between a Dachshund and a Terrier, inheriting traits from both parent breeds.

Are Dachshund Terrier Mixes good with kids?

Generally, yes. However, supervision is necessary due to their small size.

How long do Dachshund Terrier Mixes live?

On average, they live between 12 to 15 years.

How big do Dachshund Terrier Mixes get?

They typically weigh 15-25 pounds and stand around 8-12 inches tall.

What are some health concerns for a Dachshund Terrier Mix?

They may be prone to IVDD, hip dysplasia, and potential skin issues.