Dachshund Papillon Mix: A Charming Blend of Dachshund and Papillon Traits

dachshund papillon mix

Introducing the Dachshund Papillon Mixdachshund papillon mix

First off, what exactly is a Dachshund Papillon mix? This lovely dog combines the brave, elongated Dachshund and the delicate, butterfly-eared Papillon. But how did they come about? Let’s look at each parent breed.

Origins of the Dachshund

Have you ever wondered why Dachshunds are so long? They were initially bred in Germany to burrow into badger dens, hence their name, “badger dog.” Their unique physique made them excellent at this task.

Origins of the Papillon

Named for their butterfly-like ears, “Papillon” means butterfly in French. These small, friendly dogs were beloved by European nobility, even making frequent appearances in Renaissance paintings!

Delving into the Dachshund Papillon Mix’s Appearance

Ever tried to imagine a long-bodied dog with butterfly ears? Let’s go into more detail.

Size and Weight

These dogs tend to be small to medium-sized, thanks to their small breed parents. They usually weigh 10 to 20 pounds and stand about 8 to 12 inches tall.

Coat and Colors

They can sport the long silky hair of the Papillon or the short, smooth coat of the Dachshund in various colors.

Unpacking the Dachshund Papillon Mix’s Temperament

How does the Dachshund Papillon mix behave? Let’s explore their temperament.

Personality Traits

Both parent breeds are known for their grit and charm, and these traits shine in the mix. They’re typically playful, friendly, and intelligent but can also inherit the Dachshund’s stubbornness.

Training Potential

With their high intelligence, these dogs are relatively easy to train, but remember, patience and consistency are key.

Health Concerns Specific to the Dachshund Papillon Mix

Now, what about their health? Like all breeds, they have their susceptibilities.

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Common Health Issues

They’re generally healthy but prone to patellar luxation and dental problems. The elongated back of the Dachshund can also lead to spinal problems.

Life Expectancy

These dogs can live up to 12-16 years with good care, making them long-term companions.

Daily Life with a Dachshund Papillon Mix

How do you care for a Dachshund Papillon mix?

Exercise Requirements

They’re active dogs, requiring regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. They love games, walks, and the occasional burrowing into a pile of blankets.

Dietary Considerations

Feed them high-quality dog food suited for their size and activity level. Be careful not to overfeed, as they can be prone to obesity.

dachshund papillon mix

Is the Dachshund Papillon Mix Right for You?

This mixed breed is best for families that can provide mental stimulation and physical exercise. If you’re ready to commit to a dog full of personality and requires good care, this could be the perfect addition to your home.


The Dachshund Papillon mix, with its unique looks and endearing personality, is indeed a joy to behold. Before taking one home, however, remember that they require care, attention, and love. Are you ready to give that?

What is the Dachshund Papillon mix’s size? 

They usually weigh 10 to 20 pounds and stand about 8 to 12 inches tall.

What is the personality of a Dachshund Papillon mix like? 

They’re typically playful, friendly, intelligent, and sometimes stubborn.

What are some common health issues in a Dachshund Papillon mix? 

They can be prone to issues like patellar luxation, dental problems, and spinal problems due to Dachshund’s elongated backs.

How much exercise does a Dachshund Papillon mix need? 

They require regular exercise, like games and walks, and mental stimulation.

What should a

Dachshund Papillon mix eat? 

High-quality dog food suited for their size and activity level is ideal. Avoid overfeeding to prevent obesity.